Che fare? / What Is To Be Done?

Che fare? / What Is To Be Done?
An online project from RAM radioartemobile
curated by Cecilia Casorati
coordinated by Karolina Liusikova and Luca Vitiello

When art cannot be seen, you can listen to it.
This simple sentence fully summarizes the meaning of this initiative by RAM radioartemobile, which for 20 years has been a place where the immateriality of sound has outlined the concrete and present body of art. Every day, starting Monday March 16th, contributions of artists from all over the world are collected on the web page dedicated to the project
This way art can break isolation and not in an abstract way such as proposing images, virtual tours or in-depth lessons, but actually opening up the knowledge of artists, their daily lives, their passions and their ingenuity and, sometimes, their necessary instability. In this suspended and uncertain time yet so similar for everyone, we need different visions, we need to change our ideas, to seek alternative paths, While remaining stable – We need to hear the artists think and speak, and share this time with them, even simply by reading the same books, watching the same movies or preparing their favorite recipes.

#47, Not Moving by gerlach en koop