Straub/Huillet/Cézanne. One Doesn’t Paint Souls

Opening: 07 September 2018, 19.00 hrs.
08 September 2018 – 16 December 2018

Temporary Gallery
Mauritiuswall 35
50676 Cologne

curator: Regina Barunke

<i>Louvre-Rivoli</i>, Paris, 2011
Louvre-Rivoli, Paris, 2011

With: Harald Bergmann, Gerald Domenig, gerlach en koop, Peter Handke, Gerard Hemsworth, Erle Loran, Benoît Maire, Léo Marchutz, John Rewald, Ker-Xavier Roussel, Hartwig Schwarz, Jean-Marie Straub/Danièle Huillet, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Rémy Zaugg

During the exhibition the edition On Sundays, at five o’clock at the exit door of the Louvre, published by MOREpublishers, is also available in the Temporary Gallery.