Varying Degrees of Ajarness

02 November 2013 — 21 December 2013

Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Rozengracht 207a
1016 LZ Amsterdam

Still from <i>Pickpocket</i> by Robert Bresson, 1959Still from Pickpocket by Robert Bresson, 1959

Oh please, don’t say this will continue like it does. These things I see around me. Every day,
again and again. Some people remark how remarkable it is to find everything in exactly the same
place when they wake up. I just feel repugnance. Seriously, it won’t stay like this forever will it?
Resistance wells up. We can’t give up on the idea of progress, can we? The upward movement inside is contrary to the downward movement I get from these objects. They’ve given in to gravity. They show me nothing but their appalling weight.
True, both movements balance each other. That’s an equilibrium I suppose.
We’re not moving.

Being inconsistent and divided by nature gerlach en koop present an art of individuals. Varying
Degrees of Ajarness is their second and last solo-exhibition in the gallery. When erring themselves they try to do so with precision and charm. They are compressing to allow for expansion.


It Also Says Imperceptibly

A groupshow at Dolores, the project space of the gallery, curated by gerlach en koop
with Yann Sérandour, Lisa Holzer, Maurice Blaussyld, Jay Chung

02 November 2013 – 28 November 2013

Still from <i>Pickpocket</i> by Robert Bresson, 1959
Still from Pickpocket by Robert Bresson, 1959

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to say, when you open your mouth. In fact, not just
sometimes. Thoughts are often being shaped in the mouth, like their wording. Many a good speaker
does not know in advance … maybe the greatness of a speaker can be measured from the quality
of the emptiness preceding the words, and by the length of this emptiness. It takes nerves to
wait, and knowledge to know that you can.
Take a breath, not a ‘deep’ one, that’s automated talk, remember: you don’t have to swim your
way to the last rows in the auditorium —no, just breathe in.
And only after the last word you learn if what you said was worthwhile.

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